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Maybe this helps:

emulate_httpd_log on

The option emulate_httpd_log, if set to ON, specifies that Squid should emulate the log file format of the Apache web server. This is very useful if you want to use a third party program like Webalizer to analyze the Web Server httpd log file.
Taken from here. See here and here for more info.

I'll try it too if you succeed and you think its worth the hassle AND if I manage to get more free time, so maybe next year


just answered one of my own questions:

The cache serves references to cachable objects, such as HTML pages and GIFs, and the true httpd (on port 81) serves references to non-cachable objects, such as queries and cgi-bin programs. If a site's usage characteristics tend toward cachable objects, this configuration can dramatically reduce the site's web workload.
So yes, squid will help my site's performance because I am hosting a site which gets around 50-100GB traffic / month and mainly consists of a picture gallery..

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