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Default Re: Weird Thing with PHP

Hey guys,

How are ya'll today? I have a weird problem going on, I got the ISPConfig installed fine on a P4 2 ghz with 384 mb of memory 120 gb hd nic is 10/100 and a few other cool things. The box has Fedora Core 4 updated to latest and greatest of everything.

I installed the phpmyadmin and the Webmail package, But I put my content manager PHPwcms in the main directory /var/www/html, so far so good but when I pull up my site <- Please take a look. I get all the php code instead of the graphical website take a look anyone got any ideas on this.

I am little miffed since the ISPConfig and phpmyadmin and Webmail seem to be fine and working as expected. I uled my site via WinScp directly to the /var/www/html and made sure all the correct permissions were on all directories involved, but php does not seem to be working for my main site.

Thanks in advance,

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