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I don't actually have that log file. the ones I can see are:

__________________________________________________ _________
YaST2 evms-engine.log mcelog zmd-backend.log
acpid faillog messages zmd-backend.log-20070627.bz2
apache2 httpd mysqld.log zmd-backend.log-20070629.bz2
apparmor ispconfig_install.log news zmd-backend.log-20070630.bz2
audit krb5 ntp zmd-messages.log
boot.log lastlog scpm zmd-messages.log.2007-06-26
boot.msg mail smpppd zmd-messages.log.2007-06-27
boot.omsg mail.err warn zmd-messages.log.2007-06-28
cups wtmp zmd-messages.log.2007-06-29
evms-engine.1.log mail.warn xferlog
__________________________________________________ ___________

/var/log/messages was the only place I could find any ssh logging
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