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Default mail.log rotation

I'm sorry for crossposting, but I need a solution to a problem induced by ISPConfig.

I'm using Debian Etch with ISPC and Postfix on which by default the mail logs are rotated by syslog's cronjob around 06:30 every morning. Problem is, that at 23:00 an ISPC cronjob starts mail_logs.php which does something to mail.log (gather statistics and stuff), copying it from here to there, starting a new one, ... pretty weird and not really documented stuff.

Can't you use something more spohisticated, leaving the original log files as they are, so ISPC's cron job does not interfer with other cron jobs?

In the meantime:
Is mail_logs.php something so cool I wouldn't want to live without it running every night or may I just throw it out of my crontab?

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