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Default backuppc restore

There two more questions I have which may be because of some configuration, or perhaps a user, problem. Since this is new to me I'm setting backuppc to use tar on the host computer to experiment with, get the lay of the land.

I cannot restore any files and the log reports:

2007-06-28 09:03:42 Restore failed (BackupPC_tarCreate failed)
2007-06-28 11:03:52 Running: /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_tarCreate -h localhost -n 3 -s / -t -r /home/mike/Media -p /home/mike/Media/ /home/mike/Media/Photo
Why is backuppc using BackupPC_tarCreate and not BackupPC_tarExtract? Am I totally off base on this or what?

Here is my file:
# Local server backup of /etc as user backuppc
$Conf{XferMethod} = 'tar';

$Conf{TarShareName} = '/';
$Conf{BackupFilesOnly} = ['/home/mike', '/var/www'];
$Conf{BackupFilesExclude} = ['/home/mike/.VirtualBox','/home/mike/dvdrip-data', '/var/www/smfbbs'];

$Conf{TarClientCmd} = '/usr/bin/env LC_ALL=C $tarPath -c -v -f - -C $shareName'
                        . ' --totals';

$Conf{TarClientRestoreCmd} = ' /usr/bin/env LC_ALL=C $tarPath -x -p --numeric-owner --same-owner'
		   . ' -v -f - -C $shareName+';

# remove extra shell escapes ($fileList+ etc.) that are
# needed for remote backups but may break local ones
$Conf{TarFullArgs} = '$fileList';
$Conf{TarIncrArgs} = '--newer=$incrDate $fileList';
The script has not been modified.

Secondly I noticed that backuppc did not backup many of my files because "Access was denied". I had put backuppc in the sudoers files as instructed by the install script:
 backuppc ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/tar
How do get this to work?
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