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Default mail sending now works to external domain

ok, i read about the dns issue someone else had. i plugged in different DNS servers in resolv.conf and now it relays. it must not have liked my dhcp dns.
but it seems i have a dns problem.....canīt receive mail from an external domain.
this is from the mail log :

Nov 30 02:00:08 domain postfix/smtp[6201]: D5F9117464E: to=<root@my.domain>, relay=none, delay=1, status=bounced (Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=my.domain type=A: Host not found)
Nov 30 02:00:08 domain postfix/qmgr[6039]: D5F9117464E: removed

im not sure about this dns setup or how to check if itś set up correctly.
today my isp got me to setup my server as a domain child namserver, what does this mean exactly??
inside my own network i obviously want to resolve my sites to my own server with a private ip, but outside i want the public....the public internet side is cool, but the inside, hmmm.....what do i do there?
bit confused now!!
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