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Ok, I'm currently on my second attempt to explore how things are working. Seems after the years where I had less to do with administration, I've gotten a bit rusty...

Normal rotation in /var/log is done via /etc/cron.daily/sysklogd


for LOG in `syslogd-listfiles`

for LOG in `syslogd-listfiles -s "mail.*"`
disables the default rotation for the mail-logs (, mail.log, mail.warn, mail.err).

Now we have no rotation at all, except of mail.log's rotation, as described in the howto at the bottom of /etc/logrotate.conf . What's missing now is rotation setting for the other logfiles. Because I like to have it all in one place and sorted, I move the howto's config out of logrotate.conf .

Instead I create a file /etc/logrotate.d/postfix and put this in it:
"/var/log/mail.log" /var/log/mail.err /var/log/ /var/log/mail.warn {
  rotate 7
  create 640 root adm
  start 0
        /etc/init.d/postfix reload > /dev/null
Whether this works or not, tomorrow I will know for sure

If you're using spamassassin it will complain about a lot of stuff in the report (because it contains a lot of spamner's addresses and such stuff). For not having to scan your junk mail folder for the report it makes perfectly sense to add "whitelist_from pflogsumm@yourserver.tld" to your . Better do not configure this address as real account on your system or otherwise you may end up receiving real spam sent to this address.

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