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Default PTR and ISPConfig virtual

Ah, so each of the domains has a reverse pointer for their IP. If you just want one answer, you may have to remove the other reverses. I for one never allow a reverse pointer for an IP to have more then one hostname.


Familiar with the notion of reverse pointers, but totally lost as to how to config it. I did discover some PTR records in two files. I'm wondering if both should be present, or just one in particular.

As you may recall, I am running the ISPConfig server two routers from the WAN. Currently they are DMZ'd to the box in question. A public WAN IP is delivered by the first router to the second, giving the second router a real public address. The server sits on NAT behind that.

The two files in the /etc/bind directory are the public:

...and the private address:

There are serveral PTR records in the public version, but only a few (others) in the private file.

So, My question, are these the files that need editing, and what should these files read to satisfy the "one hostname" as you stated?

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