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Default Debian Postfix UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you

I followed the How-To for Debian Etch/Postfix/Virtual and after a week of successful testing started getting the following error:

From: Content-filter at
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 1:01 PM To: 
Subject: Considered UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you

A message from <> to: -> was considered unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE). Our internal reference code for your message is 15973-07/ipyPfF8DMCzg The message carried your return address, so it was either a genuine mail from you, or a sender address was faked and your e-mail address abused by third party, in which case we apologize for undesired notification. We do try to minimize backscatter for more prominent cases of UBE and for infected mail, but for less obvious cases of UBE some balance between losing genuine mail and sending undesired backscatter is sought, and there can be some collateral damage on both sides. 

First upstream SMTP client IP address: [xx.xx.152.161] According to a 'Received:' trace, the message originated at: [xx.xx.152.161], design1 ( [xx.xx.152.161]) Return-Path: <> Message-ID: <6A6ED8E39D444ECCB967390EFA5A9DE2@design1> Subject: RE: Question about shipping for xxxxxxx

 Delivery of the email was stopped!
this is sent from my wife's Outlook account, although I also get similar messages from Logwatch and other local processes where I can guarantee I am the sender. I have run the test at for relaying and it passed. What process is blocking this? Is it postfix or something amavisd is calling up?

BTW, I'm a supporter with a subscription, but the forum doesn't list me as one, how do I change that?

San Diego
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