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Originally Posted by mlz
Provided that the hardware is all working, your speced computer should be fine for what your describing.
Just a word of advice- dont let your server be housed somewhere else unless the people there know something about computers.

The room it was being held in had the ac turned off, the video card fan was not just dead but froozen and unmovable, the power supply fan had started to spin slower and would not boot up most the time- it wasnt supplying enough power, after a bunch of times pushing the button it would finally come on. After i replaced those and the ram for good measure. it turned on fine but was getting a cmos error and half of the time the bios would never load, then when it did it sometimes wouldnt load the OS. so i eventually got into the os and it was saying everything was a read only file system. I said thats it- went online to dell and bought a 1000 server (they have 500 off entry level servers so the total was like 525 (its still going on if you need a new server)). So thanks for everyones help, but the issued is solved.

Now does anyone know of any problems installing ubuntu on dell servers, its just 2 sata 250 gig drives, 1 gig ram, on board video and nic, 3 ghz p4 dual core. Thats about the highlights.

Also i have a backup of my ispconfig .12. When i install it on the new server should i install .12 first import the backup and the upgrade or can i import a .12 backup into .14. Or should i just start from scratch since i only have a couple of websites setup?


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