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Default Thanks Falco

Thanks for your reply,
The thing is i followed the tutorial but was a little concerned about security having had soem problems with that in the past. I already run 3 servers under mandrake but use the Higher setting, and than allow ssh by hand. Anything known if that causes trouble with ispc?

When i install the standard imap i dont see anything aubout the "cyrus..." you state in the tutorial, ut maybe thats concealed buy the mardrake installer, so that what confused me.

Mail authentification
Ok, i followed some other thread on that. Since i am not an expert on this i guess ill follow your arumentation on that .

Configuring the new ports in shorewall isnt really that big a problem (you have to to that for mysql anyhow, so thats answered for!

So what im really left with is the sec settings.. paranoid won't do, but what about higher? i woulndt mind setting some services back on again but i'll guess, since i am not an expert on this the overall system would be more secure than the standard install?! And what about the chrooted daemons everybody is talking about (bind, proftp) could i set that up together with ispc?
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