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Its hard for me to say but this is whats is happening-

Its my last desktop that i converted to a server located at my parents house as they have high speed and i dont, so typically ill have them hard shut down and then start up when theres an issue.

Its a 2ghz 768mb ram 80 gig hdd computer so that should be able to handle a decent amount right.

It is actually not responding. Itll run fine all day while im at work and then in the morning it typically is down, im not sure what time it goes down though since i dont have internet and cant check on the status. This seems to have started after a storm a week ago. Since then i had gotton a very strong ups and that worked for a day or two. Then i saw the new update and thought i should grab it since i was on .12. Then after that its been going down everyday and sometimes during the day. I dont think the storm affected anything because it did run fine up until the upgrade process and when its up it runs fine. Though i could be wrong.

As for the load. I dont have a particular popular websites though i do have 3 hosted at the moment. the one is mainly used for development and the other hosts files for people to download. so i guess i could see that if several people make a request it may have trouble but we are talking about small numbers here. Incedently i just released a program when this all started happening too so again that could be the issue but at the moment its under 1 meg so while it has been pretty popular i cant see that this is the issue either.

another thing that leads me to beleive its the upgrade is that midway it actually frooze- i think 2 or 3 times i attempted it. at this time it couldnt be pinged, ftped, http'd, telnet, nothing, it just wasnt responding.

So to answer your question at the moment i cant check anything though i will be checking hopefully tonight or tom if i can get over there. And thanks for the advice, ive never heard of that product (im too new at all this)
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