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For your problem which the windows can only log in as 'root'. It's because you haven't add user. You only add machine.
You can add user with the same command with add machine but use different type.
If i am not wrong, you add machine using "smbldap-useradd -w" right??
So you add user using "smbldap-useradd -m".
After you add user, you must login to windows as 'root' like you experience just now, and in control panel, create new user account there, the same with the user name you just create in linux.
Restart windows and try the new user account you have made.

You can't find your profile because you use root and you haven't declare profile for root. it doesn't matter but your new user account won't face this error.

certain policy for group or user can be declare at smb.conf. Find any information about user and security configuration for samba in internet.

I never use Ldap in GUI model. If you success please share your experience ;D
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