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Default eGroupWare Install

I just reinstalled ISPConfig using the Ubuntu "Breezy" how to. Now I want to install eGroupWare. I had tried this before using the Ubuntu "Hoary" setup that I had, but I messed with some configuration files and it didn't work so I started from scratch, following the How To to the letter.

I can log into ISPConfig, I have installed phpmyadmin and can look at the database. I have created a web, created a web administrator, and two email users. I can receive email with a pop 3/smtp client, I have a problem sending which I will start another thread on. I have created another database and db user with password. When I point my browser to the default ispconfig index.html page is displayed. Obviously when I point my browser to I get the ispconfig login page.

Now on to eGroupWare. As the user "root" I used wget to download the tar file from sourceforge into my /tmp directory. I then:

cd /var/www/web1/web

This directory contains the "error" directory and index.html and nothing else. I use the command:

tar xjvf /tmp/eGroupWare-1.2RC3-1.tar.bz2

and the tar is unpacked into the "egroupware" directory. Now the directory structure looks like:


The file had an owner of "chuck" and a group of "chuck" (me), so I:

chown -R web1_chuck:web1 egroupware

this ownership matches that of the "web" directory and the "error" directory underneath "web".

Under the egroupware directory there are lots of files and other directories. The most important at this point is the:


directory. It's owner now is "web1_chuck" and group is "web1" and the permissions are read/write/execute for user and group, read/execute for other. To install eGroupWare the instructions state to unpack the tar file to your web "root" directory, then point your browser to:

When I do this I get a http 500 internal server error. Additionally when I log in as the adminstrator for my web (not the adminstrator of ispconfig) and go to the "Web-ftp" button and login in as "web1_chuck" there are error messages displayed in the right frame of the page. When I delete the egroupware directory the error messages go away and ispconfig acts normally.

Please advise me as to what I should look at to get this going.

Thanks in advance

Chuck Rudolphy
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