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Smile SSL Chained Certificates for Debian Etch

Hi Till and Falko

I have a Debian etch perfect server with suphp and ispconfig (because of you it works great Many thanks) But I'm finding it a bit tricky learning how to setup and install the chained root certificates. ie how to make the request, file locations, etc etc. Information is quite scattered.

There is one howto for Federa system but nothing for debian.

Site certificates are easy thanks to ispconfig its just getting the chained certificate for the root setup that seems to befuddle many people. Maybe this could be a future feature of ispconfig to install trusted ( etc) root chained certificates using ispconfig.

But for the time being is it possible to have a howto for setting up the chained certificates from on a debian etch with ispconfig and suphp.

Many Thanks

Ps I didnt get mpm-itk to work, had many errors. dont have time for further follow up. Maybe this could also be a future howto project as there is almost no useful information out there for beginners to use.
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