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Hi again,

I figured out how to redirect which is fine, but there is something much better that I would like to get working.

Instead of redirecting spam to a folder in that users em ail directory, what I would like to do is send everyones spam to a seperate email address.

All of our email is imap except for one address which is pop3 (donotreply@...). This address goes to our Firewall/Proxy Server.

Its important that it be a different address because I dont want the user to be able to access this mail. Mainly due to people being stupid and clicking on links that they should not click on.

Another thing, I dont want to have to choose this for every user account seperately. I would like to set it once and every current user as well as every new user will automatically route spam to the donotreply address.

If this is possible, please someone explain it to me like im a 2 year old, maybe even with an example with the code.

I also suggest the ISPConfig userguide be updated with this info. It really is the only way to filter spam without filling up mailboxes with crap, or deleting them and risking something important not get through.

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