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Default Install on Centos5

Hope I am in the right spot to post questions on the HowTo....

I installed Cacti following the tutorial with the following differences;

Centos5 install as per howto.

1. Installed the repo/yum version of Cacti without downloading the version as described.
2. Copied the contents of Cacti under /var/www to the web folder.
3. Created a sub-domain (co-domain) for to give
4. Made permissions for the web folder install (cacti folder) the same as the user.

I followed all the other install directives with db/config/ etc.

The problem I have is the url returns a 403 error. i have a co-domain and it is fine. I have set up Cacti the same way. Permissions are the same.

To test, I have a simple html page and even with a direct request I get the same error.

I am a little bit lost as to repair this issue.

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