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Default Loadbalanced apache web server with sticky sessions

Hi all!

This is about Howto

It is supossed that, in byrequest mode, each request to main apache is switching between the two backend web servers and the session were still alive, isn't it? Then, why I have always been forwarded to the same backend apache? I mean, I tried with firefox, loged in wordpress testing app and, if I refresh page, then I'm again in the same backend web server. If I delete the cookie BALANCEDID then (maybe) the main apache forward me to the second backend server. What if backend apache is down? Does do failover?

If I try with konqueror (or other PC) then I am able to access to the other backend web server.

Then, the question is: Is the user always using the same backend web server and only the main apache switch between servers when there are different users?

Sorry for my bad english ;-)

thanks in advance
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