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Default Running ISPConfig admin on a different IP

Becasue I want to use the standard port for SSL instead of port 81, I've set up a second IP address.

What I have tried to do is to get apache to run on one address with


and apache2 to un on the other address with


But when I do this I get apache or apache2 refusing to start because the port is not available.

The apache2 config points at a conf file that has no mention of ports or IPs (until I add Listen but it links to the ISPConfig-maintained one with all the virtual hosts in it, and they all have IP and ports mentioned for each virtual host.

This is a Delian Sarge setup, configured by following the excellent Perfect Setup guide, so it ought to be pretty standard.

I've been struggingh with this for over a week and still can't get it working. Help!
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