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Originally Posted by stefan
When I understand you correct you need a high-availbility solution. How is it with a cluster?
Thanks Stefan. Of course you are absolutely right, but I don't believe this is possible using ISPConfig servers and, quite frankly, I don't think my knowledge is good enough for me to start setting up Virtual Hosts without ISPConfig.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the best arrangement is going to be to set up webs on server B for,, etc, then individually rsync the content from server A for, etc.

Whilst hardly an elegant solution and it certainly wouldn't provide me with the resilience I was after, nevertheless it would enable me to have a tested and known working backup system and thus the confidence of knowing that I would be able to get it swapped over pretty quickly.

It also means that I would have the flexibility of being able to host sites on server B in order to spread the load (and rsync back to server A) so that both servers are working as primaries for some sites, but with the ability to take over those sites for which they are working as backups very quickly.

As I say, "elegant" is certainly not a word that would apply, but I guess it should be adequate. Any technical reasons why this wouldn't work?

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