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Default recovering eml messages to uebimiau

Hi All

I'm in a server migration with the mail services and I migrated the UebiMiau webmail to a server with a different version of PHP, so the UebiMiau stopped working. I've made a few changes in webmail source code as indicated by some posts and deleted the "temporary_files", that was my mistake that made me lose the eml files.
Now I need to recover the backup messages to the new UebiMiau server.

The situation is:
All the users messages are saved (eml format) in "./webmail/temporary_files/" and similar directories, one for each user, in the old server.

Does someone know how can I transfer this eml files to the new instalation of UebiMiau and make it appear in the UebiMiau interface ?
I used rsync and all the eml files and user's directoctories are already in their places, but the messages aren't being fetched by the UebiMiau.

Thanks a lot.
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