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Default Best set-up for a backup server?

I bought a server (A) and installed as Perfect Debian Sarge with ISPConfig. All working perfectly and hosting several webs beautifully (thanks to help from you guys). The only problem was the lack of a second nameserver and a backup server to allow for downtime...

So I bought a second server (B) set up as Perfect Debian Etch, transferred ns2 to it and set up DNS slave records pointing to server A.

I then followed the howto on rsync to mirror the webs in server A across to server B.

All working perfectly, except of course that the webs on server B are not accessible, given that they have not been set-up via the Control Panel and don't have any domains pointing to them.

So really this only sorts out the nameserver problem and I suppose gives me the confidence of knowing that I could get server B up and running pretty quickly, if I had to. What it doesn't do is provide me with the ability to shutdown server A for a few hours whilst I upgrade it, or indeed cope with any unplanned downtime.

The obvious thing to do would be to copy the ISPConfig data over to server B, perhaps by doing a backup/restore through the control panel? But presumably that would mess up the slave DNS on server B. Perhaps I need to remove the slave DNS first and recreate it after? Somehow this doesn't feel right.

So, to cut this question back to a simple request, is there a recommended set-up that would provide me with:
  • Two nameservers
  • A backup server available on demand

Surely this is what everyone must want or perhaps already have, but I have spent hours reading and Googling the numerous references to multiple servers or backup servers, but I'm just not finding my answer, or perhaps I'm not recognising it when I see it!

Is the only ISPConfig answer to await ISPConfig 3, or is there a current best way to approach this?

Many thanks.
Chris Roberts
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