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Default hey till

till we met again

hehe excuse me -

Thanks for the responce - I've checked the resolv.conf and remember setting it. The ip's entered work I'm certain (the rest of my network is using it as DNS's so I think that solves the issue).

My entries on my DNS servers look like this (Ubuintu 7.04):


and that is it. Nothing else. Is this ok? (except for the fake ip's) I just picked up that my resolv.conf on my ISPConfig server has completely bogus DNS IP's. Well, not completely bogu, but I don't think I should use the ISPConfig server IP there now should I... - this is probably the problem eh

I'll quickly put this to the test.

Oh, next time remind me to have coffe BEFORE I put my computer on
Yes the cabel IS plugged in this time...
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