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Exclamation The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server

Hi all when running the commands

apt-get install binutils cpp cpp-4.0 fetchmail flex gcc gcc-4.0 libarchive-zip-perl libc6-dev libcompress-zlib-perl libdb4.3-dev libpcre3 libpopt-dev linux-kernel-headers lynx m4 make ncftp nmap openssl perl perl-modules unzip zip zlib1g-dev autoconf automake1.9 libtool bison autotools-dev g++
I get this,

Couldn't find package zliblg-dev
I took the following package out and it installed, is zliblg-dev needed how do i install it, I edited the sources.list like it said on the forum when i did a search for ncftp

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