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Default Questions on Upgrading PHP, and ISPConfig

Ok, I think I understand the process:

ISPConfig runs on its own version of Apache and PHP. The "supports PHP 5.2" feature in the new version of ISPConfig is really saying that the version of PHP ISPConfig installs for its own use is 5.2, correct? That version does not affect anything else I do.

What I want to do is install support for zipping up a file in PHP and letting me download it. I built a script where I can edit files online, and then I need to download them... this is what I want to do:

But it looks like I need PHP 5.2. (Not PHP 5.2 through the ISPConfig update).

So, I'm on Fedora 6, and use yum to update my packages. When I try to update PHP, it only gives me version 5.1.6. When I tried:

# yum --enable=development update php

I get a list of way too many packages to update. Like, in the hundreds, and updating or installing packages I never want to use (gaim, stuff like that).

So, is there something I'm missing here? Or do I just need to download the source, and compile it? What flags do I need to use then? Can I just say "--enable all" or something of the sort? I need GD, XML, ZIP, and tons of other stuff.

I'm kind of confused right now...

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