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yes, SSL and Apache are configured just as that Howto says to do them.

what's happening is, everything indicates that we have to use the line "SSLEngine On" for the virtual host we want to enable SSL with. but if we use that, at startup Apache returns this error:

"[error] Init: Multiple RSA server certificates not allowed"

obviously it's loading another certificate somewhere, or thinks it is. we can't for the life of us see where in the config it's doing that, though, which is what makes me thing maybe it's something in ISPConfig, 'cause we can't find anything in Apache that might be responsible. perhaps we're looking in the wrong place or looking for the wrong thing?

this document

indicates that this might be a problem with Apache and a statically compiled mod_ssl, and that recompiling Apache with mod_ssl as a DSO worked for him. i'm not sure that's our answer, but i'm running out of ideas, and it seems like an awful lot of folks have had issues getting SSL working under Apache 2.2.x.

any further suggestions before i either try to recompile with mod_ssl as a DSO or uninstall Apache 2.2.3 and revert to Apache 2.0.59?

thanks again
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