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Default Mandriva 2006 Install questions

Hi guys,
Installed ispconfig following the perfect setup.... Things went right and than diddn't and now its scrued up. No worry i want to reinstall the system anyhow. But getting deeper into all the infos in the process of my experiments i wonder about couple of things and i hope someone could clear things up befor i endeavour the next reinstall:
1) i would like to install in the paranoid security state (chrooted) or at least hightest. Does that give problems with ispconifig, and exactly what does?
2) i would rather use the standard Mandriva imap services (updates later on), does that give problems with ispc?
3) i would rather use the standard shorewall firewall and disable the firewall in ispc, does that...
4) i would rather use the sasl2 authentification thane the depriciated saslauthd, does that give problems?

Lots of questions but let mee say, it seems that ISPC is right on the spot! Looked long for a good opensource config panel and think i found it
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