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Default SSL and ISPConfig/Apache issues (Help!)

we're trying to get SSL support working under ISPConfig (and/or Apache) and it's just not working. i'm hoping somebody here might have some suggestions.

it's a SLES10 machine with postfix-2.2.9-10 with courier-imap-4.0.6-15, apache2-2.2.3-16.2, mysql-5.0.18-20.8, i can't find the version number for ISPConfig, but i'm pretty sure it's the latest release,it was only installed last month.

the system is hosting about 20 or so virtual domains, and we want to enable squirrelmail over SSL, but we're having trouble getting apache to work with ssl properly. we don't know if this is an ISPConfig problem or something else in apache, so i'm here asking for help.

uname -a returns Linux <hostname removed> #1 SMP Tue Feb 13 09:35:18 UTC 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

we're using openssl-0.9.8a-18.13, and that appears to be installed correctly. Webmin and postfix/courier are using SSL with no problems at all, webmin in particular runs on https perfectly. i can connect to pop3/pop3s, imap/imaps, all of that stuff works without a hitch.

but, when we try to connect to apache on any port via https, it doesn't work. we can connect to http://domain:80 and http://domain:443, but without ssl. i've tried everything i can think of, followed a number of howtos and advice from quite a few troubleshooting tips and tricks, but to no avail. nothing we try works. we've tried enabling SSL via the ISPConfig control panel, that doesn't seem to help either. what are we doing wrong?

if you need to see the various config files and so on, let me know. anyone with suggestions or questions can e-mail me directly, mac AT triad DOT ath DOT cx. we're kind of under a deadline, i'd like to get this sorted before the server has to go live. we can go live without SSL if we have to, but we'd really prefer to have this working first. thanks in advance for any help.

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