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Default Creating a new site for an exisiting DNS domain

When creating a new site from the ISP Manager menu, one can check the "Create DNS" and "Create DNS-MX" options, which creates the required DNS entries for the new domain. I guess these entries will be removed automagically as soon as the site gets deleted.

I now have the situation that I first created the DNS entries from the DNS Manager menu (both A and MX records) so I was able to register the domain name. Now (a couple of weeks later) I want to create a new site for that domain. I have two questions:
  1. Do I still need to check the "Create DNS" and "Create DNS-MX" options, although the DNS entries already exist?
  2. If the (obvious) answer to the first question is "no", will the DNS entries still be removed automagically when deleting the site in the future or will they have to be removed manually?
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