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Originally Posted by falko
Ok, this is how I did it:
Right now, I use as primary DNS server, as secondary DNS. Both run ISPConfig, and I create all records using ISPConfig.
Whenever I want to register a new domain, I create all needed DNS records (A records: www and mail, MX record: mail) before I register the domain. Then I go to DirectI and register the domain, and when I register it, the web interface allows me to put in up to four name servers, so I fill in and
Voilą! That's it!
If ( is located behind a firewall with port 53 already mapped to
What IP addresses are you using for ISPConfig's A records:www and mail,MX record:mail?external IP ( or internal IP(

I am using as name server and already register the domain at but when I create all needed DNS records (IP: and try to register another new domain ( using as names server . The name server doesn't seem to work. All nslookup A record of is pointing to I can open the website but not
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