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Originally Posted by benjami
For some reason the 2 installations --in Debian 3.1-- doesn't created the ISPConfig database.

In the second installation I've created the database manually, but after the installation the database was empty.
Dont create the database manually! The installer will fail.

I've seen the user (root) and password correct in the configuration file (/home/admispconfig/ispconfig/

I've located the db_ispconfig.sql file in the tarball (ISPConfig-2.1.1.tar.gz). I've manually filled up the database:

$ mysql -u root -p ipcdb < db_ispconfig.sql
Enter password:

Seems that ISP Config works, but is possible that come up some problem because the ./install process can't filled up the database?
If you filled the database in manually, ISPConfig wont work because all the system specific settings are missing.

You will have to uninstall ISPConfig and run the installer again. Have a look in the ispconfig_install.log in the directory /var/log if there are any errors.
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