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Originally Posted by protocol
So, ISPConfig's 'admin' user, sets the quota limit for a 'web' to 2 MB, yet a 'user' of a 'web' can have unlimited quota? If so, what is the point for ISPConfig's 'admin' to set quotas at all (if mere users can override this setting)?
Only the admin user can override the Quota setting. If you are logged in as clent, you cant set a quota taht is higher than the quota of the web.

Then i reverted this user's setting to 'unilimited' quota and i found out (again by running 'repquota -a', that the hard-quota limit has indeed been removed, but the soft-quota limit remained there - God knows why. This is a bug, yes?
ISPConfig deletes the quota with the quota utilities of your linux system.

In my oppinion, when ISPConfig's 'admin' has set the quotas for a web to a certain limit (2 MB in my case), there should be *no* way to override this, especially if one is a mere 'user' of a web. Otherwise there is no point, is there?
This is the caese. maybe your group quota is not working correctly.
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