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Default Mail Server Backup

Hi, I installed ISP config via CentOs perfect guide and it works great. I had some problems at first with mail but looking on the forums i reconfigured things and now all services work fine.

My question is how can I use the Postfix / ISPConfig Mail server as a backup server?

My current domains uses Mx10 and points to the local mail server on a server which uses Qmail.

I have to say that Postfix is far better.

I have read that addon a second MX maybe MX11 will do the trick right? If Mx10 fails then MX11 will go up?

Mx11 i want to point to the PostFix / ISPConfig server

My question is what do i have to set up on the ISPConfig server so it takes mails from the other server? Im sure it will just reject a email account if not even those domains are hosted there.

ISPConfig rocks, i knew we germans are great Coders by the way.
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