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Here's my samba config

hosts deny =

comment = Exchange
path = /home/hyper/exchange
force user = hyper
force group = hyper
read only = No

comment = Appz
path = /home/hyper/appz
Note: I don't want to accept conenctions from which is my router and hence the access point from outside of my lan and I set user and group to my default user on my box so that new files have the correct ownership.

Once that is done, you need to add first a system user (if you don't want to use yours) which then can be added to samba:

sudo useradd SMB_USER
(sudo is the Ubuntu way of getting temporary root access...)

Then give a password to that user:
sudo passwd SMB_USER
Once done, we need to add it to samba:
sudo smbpasswd -a SMB_USER
I'm not sure if you can just enter a blank password... I've never tried it... in winxp I can save the password for network shares so that was never a matter of importance to me...

In the end restart the samba server:
sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart
Of course you could now limit the system user in one way or another... but I don't know if you need that.
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