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Found out there was yet another "external mailserver" entry. Activated that, so far no change. I am using to check if my mail server is working, and since the DNS settings are stored on our server, my guess is that changes should come in instantly...
So so far I am still stuck...

Also noticed:
I put co-domains there for and, and both show in the config window as pointing to the LAN IP adress, and both are set to have DNS and DNS MX. But I cannot access or from a web browser - shouldn't I be able to get some http response after setting up these co-domains? Or do I need forwarding on?

Where am I supposed to set the external mail server record, anyway? In the Co-Domain forwarding spot?

Also just found that my co-domain "" has a domain record, but it points to the LAN IP address of the server! Interestingly "" has the same settings, but cannot be found from outside the network. Obviously something must have gone very wrong here...

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