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first of all thanks for this magnificent job.
searching in the howto and the forum i have resolved all, also i have installed the remote framework.... but i have a problem con dns
the same of this thread

in slave dns, therefore ispconfig 2 / ns2

named.conf has:

zone "" {
type slave;
file "";
masters { XXXXXXXXXXX; };

(1) IP ns1

but i do not see the file

therefore in syslog

May 31 07:50:42 ns2 named[14074]: zone Transfer started.
May 31 07:53:51 ns2 named[14074]: transfer of '' from XX.XX.XX.XX#53: failed to connect: timed ou

need other information?
as can i make works the transfer?

Thank for all

p.s. i have used howto "How To Run Your Own Name Servers With ISPConfig And GoDaddy"
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