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Default web site install

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1) Did you forward port 80 to the IP
2) Does the domain of the website poinbts with a DNS A-Record to the external IP of your router and not with some type of redirect?
I have port forward on port 80 in the router. The second question. The domain I registered for the site I am setting up is not redirected yet. I have two domains. One for the server and one for the site I am trying to set up. I tried to transfer the second one to noip but they will not allow me to do that yet. It is to new. the site I am trying to setup is NOT at noip (noip is my DNS and they handle the domain for the server mysite4webhosting dot com )I believe I sent something to this effect somewhere to you about this. I was not sure were to redirect the domain for the site I am trying to setup, because I do not have a static ip and am using that noip software on the server. How do I get it to work? I think I know what you are going to say. (Get a static IP)
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