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So, ISPConfig's 'admin' user, sets the quota limit for a 'web' to 2 MB, yet a 'user' of a 'web' can have unlimited quota? If so, what is the point for ISPConfig's 'admin' to set quotas at all (if mere users can override this setting)?

I followed your advice, set the quotas for this particular 'web' to 2MB using the 'user's' parameters and it actually worked. The 'repquota -a' revealed that there was now a soft-quota and a hard-quota of 2 MB, and (yes) the 12 MB file could NOT be uploaded.

Then i reverted this user's setting to 'unilimited' quota and i found out (again by running 'repquota -a', that the hard-quota limit has indeed been removed, but the soft-quota limit remained there - God knows why. This is a bug, yes?

In my oppinion, when ISPConfig's 'admin' has set the quotas for a web to a certain limit (2 MB in my case), there should be *no* way to override this, especially if one is a mere 'user' of a web. Otherwise there is no point, is there?

Please assist (and thank you).
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