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Default using BS components instead of "own" packages

maybe i am wrong, but isn't it even better, to use BS components instead of "own" components.

for example clamscan. ispconfig uses clamscan in /home/ispconfig/tools/clamscan/... (if i remember correct).

if there is a newer version of clamscan, i have to wait for a ispconfig update and to update my server. i am using some "self-patched" scripts, so i have to update to a never ISPConfig version and then i have to "re-apply" all the patches (and not to forget any of them). this means i do not do any ispconfig update if i don't need to do it.

if ispconfig uses the (in my case) "debian" clamscan i only have to do
aptitude update
aptitude upgrade
to have the newest clamscan installed. i think, this is even easier to do and no one had to wait until there is a new version of ispconfig (and the developer haven't to make a update because there is a never version of clamscan).
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