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Default Quota Limits and Traffic Limits Not Working

Hello again.

I run Suse 10.0, have followed the 'perfect setup' guide, everything seems to be working perfectly with the exception of quota limits and traffic limits.

First, let me say that i know the quota mechanism works on my machine because i set up quota limits manually (for a user not associated with ISPConfig) - no problem there.

Yet, the one and only user i have created using ISPConfig does not appear at all when i run 'repquota -a'. So, i have decided that the web associated with this user should have a limit of 2 MB webspace (i know it is not enough, it is for testing purposes only), yet i uploaded a 12 MB image via a normal ftp client without any complaints whatsoever.

Similarly, i downloaded this 12 MB image from my web browser without problems, despite the fact that i specifically assigned a limit of 1 MB of traffic (again for testing purposes). Since i certainly exceeded thia amount of trafic by downloading the 12 MB file, i should have received a notification email, which never came.

Please assist

P.S. Thank you for all the support so far. You guys are doing an excellent work.
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