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Default Spam Strategy...No redirect???

Just wondering why there is no spam redirect guys.

I use ISPConfig because im too lazy to setup vertual hosts for the 2 domains I look after. Its so much simpler and also handles spam and virus protection....very cool proggy.

But one thing that would really polish it off for me would be the ability to redirect spam, instead of just re-labelling or dropping it.

I have a donotreply@ email address I want to redirect all the companies spam too, just in case something extremely important comes along and doesnt go through.

I know I can setup the address up as a catch-all address and it does that, but it also catches the spam from accounts that no longer exist which is terrible.

Is there another way of doing this???

Thanks in advance to those that have the time to help..

PS. Well done devs on a fine piece of warez.
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