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Default E-mail delivered to wrong account

This is what I did:
  • Create a site www.domain.tld with DNS and DNS-MX checked. In this site created a user webXX_user1 with e-mail address user1@domain.tld and Administrator and catchAll-Email checked.
  • Create a site user2.domain.tld with DNS checked. In this site created a user webYY_user2 with e-mail address user2@domain.tld and Administrator and catchAll-Email checked.

The problem is that e-mails addressed to user2 end up in the mailbox of user1. After I first discovered that, I also checked DNS-MX of site user2.domain.tld but that doesn't make a difference.

Two observations:
  • When creating a sub domain in this manner, ISPConfig constructs a default e-mail address in the primary domain for users of the sub domain and it can not be changed.
  • Both the primary domain and the sub domain can have the catchAll-Email checked, while e-mail addresses for both domains "live" in the primary domain. I can imagine conflicts arising from that.

Any idea what's going wrong here and how I can solve it?
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