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Default Don't know where else to ask this virtualization question.

I plan to spend about $1000 on a core 2 duo ubuntu server with 4 gigs of ram to setup my ultimate OS sandbox/workshop. I figure that 4 gigs of ram and a modern processor will allow me to do this well. I'm planning to run virtual windows, freebsd, and 1 or 2 linux servers for development purposes. I do want to run one linux based guest as a regular desktop environment. I think that I want to run this regular desktop as a 32 bit guest on my 64 bit host.

Is this setup feasible? Any advice or pointers on something I am missing? I don't want to pay for the Virtualization software (yet) so will probably go with XenExpress or VmWare Server. Is one of these solutions better at mixing 32 and 64 bit hosts/guests?
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