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Default Wired Problem with Mambo 4.6.2

Hi Everyone i got a wired problem with Mambo the lasted version i installed it on my main site and its not comming up at all no frontpage no backend so i thought there is something with my permissions checked everything seems to be fine still nothing so i deceided to installed it on a diferent site ( i own a couple of sites that i like to play with ) and the installation and configuration whent just fine i see the frontpage and the backend so it seems all is cool... but i do not get it why it's not showing it on my main site it makes no sence at all all it's configurate the same. And BTW... the older version workes just fine 4.6.1

is there something i can do to check if the sites have the same permission as my main site (i almot forgot i'm using Debian4(etch) ) if that helps... and thank you folks for the help...

Danke für Ihre Hilfe
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