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Unhappy Spam

Originally Posted by till
1) Do not write in big red letters. This might lead the one or other user to not answer to your post. We are all able to read the normal small black letters

2) The problem is that your server receives to much mail for the currently installed spam scanning and antivirus solution with clamscan and spamassassin. Check your mail log if you get higher email traffic, e.g. a spam.
  • Oops big letters came as I did not preview, ancase fixed.
  • I have received the same mail 3 x during the day, normally indicating pop3 disconnectin and huge mail on bad lines - however this case i have <1ms latency to server on same LAN segment. Thus I was thinking an re-lapse in the bug of clam were it re-serviced already scanned mails over and over again!
  • This last scenario seem more likely as It takes AGES to work through the mail Q,
  • Yes it could be the case - what is the solution? this has not happened before on this site as I can indicate with Stats this is an Small site! Normal last week this time's figures.
Grand Totals

2619 received
2787 delivered
67 forwarded
4 deferred (29 deferrals)
2 bounced
2268 rejected (44%)
0 reject warnings
0 held
0 discarded (0%)

237532k bytes received
259623k bytes delivered
838 senders
449 sending hosts/domains
210 recipients
36 recipient hosts/domains

Today's figures (early edition 2/3 day)
Grand Totals

1443 received
1501 delivered
26 forwarded
7 deferred (7 deferrals)
39 bounced
704 rejected (31%)
0 reject warnings
0 held
0 discarded (0%)

146215k bytes received
133408k bytes delivered
508 senders
273 sending hosts/domains
191 recipients
42 recipient hosts/domains

I am convinced that Sumething "Broke" either an update came in or some other misshap. as the traffic to the server seem to be normal etc.

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