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Default Quick question regarding domain names web folder

Hi guys, I have just setup ISP config on Ubuntu Edgy Eft by following the excellent tutorials here and had a quick question regarding the location to put my website files. I just wanted to clarify how ISP config deals with domain names and the folders for them.

Am I correct in saying that when setting up a website in ISP config and filling in its domain name etc that ISP config will create a folder for that site and any requests that arrive at the machine for that domain will be mapped to the correct folder accordingly? Therefore I am guessing that if ISP config receives a request for a website and its not setup or a request that maps directly to the IP address of the machine it routes to the default (apache home page) ? I ask this as I have not setup my domain name to point at the machine yet and just accessing the machine by its IP is giving me the Apache homepage.

Just trying to get a better understanding on how it works...

Thanks for any advice
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