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Unhappy Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL - SASLauthd problem

Hello ever'1

I know, it's a shame and I must be the xth member to post a message here about this issue, but no advice proved to work on my machine.

The setup is a brand new Debian 4.0.
I followed the HOWTO 'Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL - ubuntu'.
During the installation no errors occured, so it cannot be totally screwed.

What is the (my) problem?
It is not possible to send/receive emails via a client (thunderbird in my case).

I can track the following error in:
May 18 18:41:39 myserver courierpop3login: Connection, ip=[::ffff:xx.xx.37.7]
May 18 18:41:53 myserver authdaemond: failed to connect to mysql server (server=localhost, userid=mail_admin): Access denied for user 'mail_admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
May 18 18:41:53 myserver courierpop3login: LOGIN FAILED, user=info@mydomain.tld, ip=[::ffff:xx.xx.37.7]
May 18 18:41:53 myserver courierpop3login: authentication error: Input/output error
So when trying to pop/send emails from my mailserver it refuses all delivery (no matter what direction). It's not a thunderbird issue, for sure.

I checked my files according to the postings in this forum and the howto (especially the ones that differ from the ubuntu installation) and I cannot find any differences.

So all the saslauthd, mysql etc. conf-files look the same.
The *mail_admin*-user is registered in mysql (login to mysql works just fine).

I was able to send emails via telnet and I also receive emails in /home/vmail/.

Right now I am stuck and do not know, why saslauthd cannot connect to mysql. I know, something must be missing, though!
/var/log/syslog does not tell me anything else.

Any debugging hints are highly appreciated!

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