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Default No SPF record.

Hi there,

No matter how i change the SPF record in ISP config, it wont show up in DNS report or other SPF tests.
Ive run the domain thru DNS report and it finds Nameservers, Reverse, and also, SOA, MX servers all is OK. But not SPF records, it says it cant find any.

I can however send to Hotmail and Google without problems.

But it would be nice if the SPF records where working as they should.

This is what i have in the SPF:

Hostname : mail
Are emails sent
from A Record?: Yes

Are emails sent
from MX Record?:Yes

Are emails sent
from all servers of
this domain?: Yes

Are emails sent
from other A Records?:

Are emails sent
from other MX Records?:

Are emails sent
from other IP addresses?: my server IP number

Inherit SPF Record
from this zone?: my ISP SMTP server.

contain all hosts
allowed to send emails
for this domain?: Yes

Do anyone know what is wrong?
Ive also noticed that i have both BIND and BIND9 installed.
Can that cause any problems?
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