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Yes, I believe it did. I really WANT to understand, so today I started again. I followed the pefect setup guide ONLY, and now it seems that websites function properly.

I am now thinking that my configuration had to somehow be the cause. I wanted this server to function as a DHCP/firewall server for an internal network as well (and had configured it as such - hence the address).

Should ISPConfig's web interface be accessed from an external IP address? The Perfect Setup guide uses internal addresses (192.x.x.x), but the Godaddy DNS guide uses external IPs (64.x.x.x) so I am not sure what is supposed to happen in between.

The perfect setup guide didn't talk about setting up a second network interface - was it written with an internal IP address in mind, or an external address in mind? I would think external since it needs to be accessible for web traffic, but it used an address that isn't accessible to the web (192.x.x.x).

I have two network interfaces on my machine, and am wondering if that was where I went wrong? Or maybe all these questions are really dumb sounding and I am not making any sense?

I have to be getting close....right?

Am I making any sense?
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