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As far as I can see, SquirrelOutlook.pkg has not (yet) been put on the ISPConfig downloads page. I guess Till has been too busy helping out newbies like myself on this forum

Being quite that newbie, I have a few questions:
  1. SquirrelOutlooks seems to be based on SquirreMail 1.4.8. The current stable release appears to be 1.4.10a which fixes several cross site scripting issues amongst other things. Is it possible to update to the latest SquirrelMail version after having installed the SquirrelOutlook package?
  2. The release notes in the SqirrelMail package on the ISPConfig downloads page say it's version 1.5.1 which appears to be a development version. Is it a good idea to supply a development version instead of a stable version on the ISPConfig downloads page?
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